Kitsap Hydroseeding Helps Grass Grow

Most Washington State residents understand the difficulties associated with planting grass in soils that have too much sand or rocks. Because of the soil issues, maintaining or establishing a nice green lawn can be problematic for both commercial property owners and homeowners in this area. However, professional assistance from a Kitsap hydroseeding service may be all that is needed.

The hydroseeding method is thought to be more effective than planting grass seed by hand. It uses a mixture of mulch, seed, fertilizer and water, which can be applied using a sprayer to effectively distribute the mix. Once the mix has been applied to the soil, the germination process will begin. The spray application process allows planting to take place in very precise areas through the use of hoses and various applicators.

There is no need to worry about stray seed blowing around and causing grass to grow in unwanted areas. The precise application tools eliminate this problem. There are many benefits in addition to the precise control the spraying process allows, such as how fast the grass will begin to grow. Thanks to the water, fertilizer and mulch mixture, the seeds begin to germinate soon after being applied.

Most common soils will grow hydroseeded grass. Areas that have greater amounts of debris, such as rocks or sand, may require putting down a layer of topsoil prior to application. The topsoil will absorb the mix more easily than the rock and sand filled soil, leading to a better outcome. However, if it is decided that topsoil is not required, any loose rocks or other debris should be removed and the soil should not be compacted.

This method is great for both commercial and residential applications. The mixture can be sprayed in a controlled area which makes it perfect for smaller residential yards or for spraying around walkways or patios. It is also perfect for larger commercial areas as the sprayer can cover a broad area much more effectively than seeding by hand

While there are other grass planting processes, such as sodding, a hydroseeded lawn is much less costly by comparison, even though the initial preparation is basically the same. It is true that putting in sod means you have an instantly green lawn, but the hydroseeding process often provides a better overall outcome in the long run. Some customers even report seeing the beginnings of new grass in as little as a few days.

Like all methods for planting and growing grass, there will be a few maintenance steps to follow once the mixture has been applied. Watering, fertilizing and properly mowing the newly sprouted grass are a few of the most common tasks required. However, it is best to consult with a hydroseeding professional for the exact care your new lawn will require.

A Kitsap hydroseeding professional may be able to help residential and commercial property owners in Washington State improve the quality of their lawns. Because of the versatile spraying process, it is a perfect solution for both small residential and large commercial areas. Spending more on lawn care is always an option, but hydroseeding will give the same quality results for a fraction of the cost.

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