Sardinias Finest Beaches

Planning a beach holiday in the Italian island of Sardinia? The following list could help you decide on which among Sardinia Islands best offering will suit your getaway plans.

Costa Rei Beaches
Beaches along this long coastline are characterized by golden sands, clear water, a breath taking lake system serving as a nature reserve, and the bays of SantElmo to the south. The playful hues created by the sun in the morning, noon, and at dusk is one thing that keeps on drawing tourists to return to this paradise. Rock formations also dot the long sandy beaches leading to rocky bays and producing scenes worthy of a painting.

If you visit the area, check out attractions such as the Garden Beach Cala Sinzias, the Free Beach Club, and the SantElmo Beach Hotel. Make the most of your Sardinia Island holidays by trying out several activities, including diving, horse riding, and wind surfing with your friends or your family.

Condominium Portobello is located near the white sands of Vignola beach, which is the ideal place to visit if you are traveling with children. The waves lap gently against the shore, which could be literally right at your doorstep. The Rena Maiori beach on the way to Capo Testa is renowned for its fantastic dunes and the privacy it offers. Capo Testa, a small peninsula also has rock formations commonly found along Sardinian coasts. These formations are as much as an attraction as the beaches because of their magnificence.

Capo Testa is also an ideal venue for windsurfing activities. The Hotel Li Rosi Marini is a popular property providing comfortable accommodations to guests.

The beaches of SantElmo are known as among the most beautiful in Sardinia and the world over. Located south of Costa Rei, SantElmo also offers rock formations and sandy bays that are truly a work of art. They stand like sculptures molded by huge hands as they come in many recognizable shapes like that of a whale or bears.

SantElmo also hosts coves, hills, and lush plantation fields that will surely be one of the most pleasant memories of your Italian island vacation. One spot you should not miss in SantElmo is the Cala Sinzia Bay off south, where the finest white sands of Sardinia Island awaits you.

The Villasimius Harbor is another spot in Sardinia that promises what could possibly be the most memorable beach holidays in Italy for local and foreign tourists alike. Spiaggia di Porto Giuncu could be found near the harbor. The is considered a gem in Sardinia island because although it lacks the tropical attractions offered in other countries, it boasts of the whitest, finest sand and the bluest waters.

The Lake Timi Ama is another treasure of the coast. Pink flamingoes thrive in the area, a fresh sight for weary travelers. Towards the Cape Carbona, tourists may even get the chance to get a glimpse of jolly dolphins from a boat or from Cape Carbona. Other swimming spots worth trying out in Villasimius include the bay Cala Pira, Serpentara Island, and Spiaggia di Campulongu, where you are sure to make the most of your travel in Italy.

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